Hog Farmers Do What’s Right To Provide Safe Food

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As you slice into that Christmas ham in a couple of days, please remember that one of the country’s 60,000 hog farmers devoted a lot of time, energy and resources to provide you with that safe, wholesome and affordable pork. Also remember that those farmers gave a lot of care to every animal they raised. That’s not what the public … Read More


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The attorneys general for 13 states this week filed suit against Massachusetts over its ban on the sale of pork, eggs and veal produced from out-of-state animals raised in housing banned by the state. The lawsuit claims an initiative approved by Massachusetts voters in November 2016 – and which is set to take effect in 2022 – violates the U.S. … Read More


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While the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is being renegotiated, there’s been a lot of talk about pulling out of the agreement altogether. The reasoning goes that by doing so we could easily eliminate the trade deficits with our two partner countries (it’s really aimed at Mexico). We had a $55.6 billion deficit in goods and services trade with … Read More

Once More Unto the Breach…

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Henry, let’s try this again. After a years-long hiatus, Hogs on the Hill (HOTH) is giving it another go in the blogosphere. With a swine’s eye view of the happenings on Capitol Hill, the other end of Pennsylvania Ave. – that’s the White House – and around the country, HOTH once more will attempt to give readers the scoop on … Read More

HSUS Renews Its Attacks on Farmers

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has reared its ugly head again, renewing its attacks on farmers, with a push to pass a California initiative that could dictate farm production practices throughout the country. The animal-rights group has been rather quiet after taking it on the chin a number of times over the past few years, including some … Read More

New Pork Processing Plants Come Online

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While animal-rights groups work to reduce meat consumption, a couple of new pork processing plants will ensure consumers have plenty of bacon, chops and ribs. Operations began a few months ago at the Seaboard Triumph Foods plant in Sioux City, Iowa, and at Clemens Food Group’s Coldwater, Mich., facility. When fully operational, the former will employ 1,100 workers and process … Read More