Animal Health & Food Safety

The health and welfare of animals is a key concern of pork producers. NPPC advocates science-based approaches to swine health and production. Healthy animals make safe food, and animal agriculture must continue to develop new methods to provide a safe, nutritious food supply. NPPC opposes legislation that would dictate on-farm production practices, including outlawing individual housing for sows and banning products such as antibiotics that help producers care for their pigs. NPPC supports research that aims to promote safe and humanely-produced pork products to meet the demand of foreign and domestic markets.


• Antibiotics

Fatigued Hogs

• Dietary Guidelines

• Food Safety Modernization Act

• Meat Animal Research Center

International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC)


HAACP Inspection Models Project (HIMP)


America’s pork producers recognize their moral obligation to provide for the well-being of their animals, and they raise pigs in a humane, compassionate and socially responsible manner. The pork industry has developed and implemented programs to improve animal care, handling and transportation, including:

PQA Plus

Transportation Quality Assurance