We Care

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As a united group, pork producers adopted a formal set of ethical principles that outline the industry’s values and define how producers represent the industry every day on farms across America. U.S. pork producers affirm an obligation to:

Produce Safe Food

Validating your trust in us.
Integrity is priority No. 1. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, codes and regulations, both within our organization and from the U.S. government, through every step of the way—from our farms to your tables.

Protect and Promote Animal Well-Being

Our pigs are our livelihood.
Our farms and livelihoods are built upon the health of the animals we raise. We treat animals with the compassion, dignity and respect that they deserve. This attention means providing wholesome food, clean water, medical care and an environment that promotes the well-being of our animals.

Ensure Practices to Protect Public Health

We don’t just say…we do!
Keeping our animals healthy isn’t only a fundamental part of our practice but also ensures we provide the safest and most nutritious food for consumers. Our use of rigorously tested, 21st century technologies means you receive the best-quality pork that keeps you and your family healthy.

Safeguard Natural Resources in All of Our Practices

Preserving the environment on and off our farms.
We are committed to a sustainable future and recognize that our operations must vigilantly protect the quality of our planet’s natural resources. We consistently monitor the manure output and the production facilities on our farms to preserve appropriate air and water quality, keeping our farms safe and our pigs healthy.

Provide a Work Environment That is Safe and Consistent With Our Other Ethical Principles

Employee pride and sustainability.
We are proud to provide a work environment that maintains employee health and safety. Our employees receive fair wages and treatment and are proud to continue our tradition of providing food for Americans. We also ensure all of our employees adhere to the Ethical Principles for U.S. Pork Producers.

Contribute to a Better Quality of Life in Our Communities

We are families and neighbors.
We recognize that our place in the communities where we live and work is a privilege that must be earned and maintained, and we strive to play an active role in building strong communities. We also listen to your concerns and suggestions and sincerely work to address them on our farms.